Log Cabin or Conventional Homes to Live In? Take the Former

Gone are the days when people would only opt to build or purchase a traditional-looking dwelling place where they could start a family or retire in. With the birth of different home designs and architectural concepts, people have begun to try out a variety of other design options that could satisfy their needs as well as their appetite for aesthetics and comfort.

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With the ever-growing demand for eco-friendly and modular home designs—also due to different environmental concerns and issues on residential space—log cabin home designs have been frequently tapped into. These types of dwelling are now becoming popular not only in the UK but as well as in Ireland. Erecting log homes in Ireland entails a set of building protocols closely similar to those implemented in the UK. As an example, It is important to note that if you intend to use your log building as a dwelling place or part of your log holiday vacation spots, you need to secure a planning permission from your local authority. But there are a number of log buildings intended for practical uses such as home office, DIY area, summer house, retreat or a games room. For a wide range of these buildings, click here.

Make no mistake, conventional home concepts are still placed front and centre of the home design spectrum. If you have the resources, you may well put up a traditional dwelling place.

Otherwise, you might want to try out a log home for a number of good reasons.


Log cabin homes are fairly cheaper compared to a fully-built conventional dwelling place. Indubitably, log or timber homes are relatively more economical than traditional homes.

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Most log buildings are made of timber or a type of wood that’s been processed into beams and planks. Since log homes are smaller in terms of size and do not take up much space, having these instead of erecting a bigger house is a practical choice. Since most of these buildings only take up a small area, giving them a makeover doesn’t consume all your resources.

Log Buildings are Eco-friendly

They say that when you choose a log or timber home over a traditional dwelling place, you instantly become a champion of environmental protection. This is because when you put up a log or timber dwelling place, you take part in removing the carbon contained in the logs from the environment.

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As we all know, carbon, which is commonly produced when we burn coal, gas, or oil, is the main cause of the greenhouse effect, that in turn makes up what is popularly known as “global warming”.

When you choose to have log homes over complex buildings, not only do you save a huge amount of money, you also get to help Mother Nature thrive. Much like helping yourself and the community in return!

Durable and Strong

Houses made of logs or timber are said to last for a long period of time. Since most of these buildings are treated to withstand the worst of any weather, you can have these buildings and be safe in the knowledge that they will last for years.

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With proper maintenance and care, homes made of logs and timber can stand the test of time.


Compared to regular-sized residential buildings that take too much space, log buildings are smaller in size, thus allowing you to build them up even in a relatively small area. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that these homes still provide the same comfort and functionalities conventional homes give. And since they are relatively easy to maintain, you can experiment on different home design ideas without ever breaking a sweat.

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Rustic Nostalgic Appeal

Having these types of houses will surely tug at your heartstrings. Remember the time when you had your summer break at your grandfather’s, and he built a playhouse made of logs so you won’t end up getting bored? Or the countless stories he would tell you about how they enjoyed staying in a log home back in the day.

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And despite the fact that modular home designs are the more popular options these days, you still end up marvelling at how fancy log homes are.

There’s really something enigmatic about these buildings. Rustic look? Maybe. A quick walk down memory lane? We can never tell.

But one thing’s for sure. Log homes are the “Only Fools and Horses” of home architecture. They send you back to a time when nothing ever really mattered besides a roof over your head.